Hands On With 'Nifty Stuff by Gail'

Hi There!

I felt it was time to chat a bit about the PRO Slicer from the user side of things!

The PRO continues to be a big part of my life, not only in our brick & mortar home, but as we have travelled around the United States during our Snowbird journey these last 4 years.

I'll jump around in this blog as I become familiar with the set up and the capabilities that are at my fingertips.

This memory came up the other day, which caused me to realize that I don't have one central location to track when, where and how the PRO is being used.

Oct. 2/20 - One year ago I was demonstrating our PRO Slicer at Clay Out West in Albuquerque. What a great venue! Covid put a screeching halt to attending other polymer clay retreats ... looking forward to when we can get together again! (Feel free to contact me if you’re curious about the PRO - yes, we have inventory!) www.garbedesigngroup.com
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This was the first time that I had demoed the PRO Slicer at a large retreat. I must say that the response was extremely favourable!