Prices as of June 2023
  • PRO Slicer
    • Pay by check/cheque: $750 USD (includes shipping and handling within North America)
    • Pay by PayPal: $750 USD + $35USD = $785USD (includes shipping and handling)


E-mail Gail of your interest in purchasing a PRO Slicer via ggarbe@niftystuffbygail.com. Include your name, address and telephone number for the invoice. If paying with CAD funds, the USD to CAD funds calculation will be based on rates as of the day the invoice is generated.

Payment by check/cheque is preferred (address is on invoice) as PayPal and conversion rates cut into our small business costs. If you wish to pay via PP, please advise Gail and an additional $35 USD will be added to your invoice. NOTE: Paying with PayPal will confirm an earlier delivery. 


Once payment is received, we'll ship the product. We usually ship from stock, but if stock is depleted, the next build will be within 2 – 3 weeks. Please note that we are Snowbirds and generally travel for 4-5 months each Winter. 

When we ship, we add insurance to cover material cost. Insurance is only if it gets lost, not damaged. Because of that we designed custom boxes for our products with an inner liner, stopping any shifting during transportation.


To place an order, contain the following information in an e-mail:

Phone #:
Mailing Address:
Payment Preference: (Check/cheque or PayPal) See above
Currency Preference: (Canadian or US Dollars)

Don’t hesitate to contact Gail at any time! ggarbe@niftystuffbygail.com

Thank you for your interest!