PRO Slicer

The  PRO Slicer , a Polymer Clay Precision Slicer, was designed to help the artist to accurately cut consistent thicknesses of polymer clay slices.  A graduated drum allows for thickness control and repeatability. Slices are created by manually raising the slicing blade above the polymer clay cane or slab, advancing the table that supports the polymer clay, and lowering the blade to cut through the polymer clay. It’s designed for minimal work space requirements.

Hands On With 'Nifty Stuff by Gail'

Hi There! I felt it was time to chat a bit about the PRO Slicer from the user side of things! The PRO continues to be a big part of my life, not only in our brick & mortar home, but as we have travelled around the United States during our Snowbird journey these last 4 years. I'll jump around in this blog as I become familiar with the set up and the capabilities that are at my fingertips. This memory came up the other day, which caused me to realize that I don't have one central location to track when, where and how the PRO is being used. Oct. 2/20 - One year ago I was demonstrating our PRO Slicer at Clay Out West in Albuquerque. What a great venue! Covid put a screeching halt to attending other polymer clay retreats ... looking forward to when we can get together again! (Feel free to contact me if you’re curious about the PRO - yes, we have inventory!) This was the first time that I had demoed the PRO Slicer at a large retreat. I must say that the r