PRO Slicer

The PRO Slicer, a Polymer Clay Precision Slicer, was designed to help the artist to accurately cut consistent thicknesses of polymer clay slices.  A graduated drum allows for thickness control and repeatability. Slices are created by manually raising the slicing blade above the polymer clay cane or slab, advancing the table that supports the polymer clay, and lowering the blade to cut through the polymer clay. It’s designed for minimal work space requirements.

  • Size
    • 7.13” width x 10.6” length x 10” height
      (181mm width x 269mm length x 254mm)
  • Weight
    • 6 lbs
      (2.72 kg)
  • Work Area
    • 4” wide x 4” length x 4” height
    • (102mm wide x 102mm length x 102mm)
There are 8 equal markings in one (1) turn (revolution) of the graduated drum:

Marks = Size of Turn
Slice Thickness
Slice Thickness
1 = (1/8)
2 = (1/4)
3 = (3/8)
4 = (1/2)
5 = (5/8)
6 = (3/4)
7 = (7/8)
8 = (1)


The PRO Slicer allows you to slice multiple canes at the same time, creating consistent and repeatable thickness in each and every slice. A large part of my work is covering glass – ornaments, bowls, vases. The PRO Slicer gives me the ability to lay canes side by side on the glass surface with only a bit of manipulation to adhere them together (ie the stomach feathers).

Evolution of Design

The original PRO Slicer was developed several years ago for me by Manfred, my husband. The initial design had a 2” work space. As I continued building canes he built me another slicer with a 3” – the larger size was the only change. It was light, robust enough to travel to workshops with, took a small workspace, so for me, there was no need to make any further changes.

As I travelled both here in Canada and in the US, more people saw me working with my little slicer and questioned me – wishing they had a “significant other” that could build one for them. At a workshop with Carol Simmons in 2017, she saw it and realized that the quality of this smaller one was similar to her’s. She asked if Manfred could build her one, but with the crank at the front and to have a 4” work/cutting space. The one new feature that he felt he needed to add to the PRO Slicer (if we were going to begin selling it) was a safety feature - to lock the blade in the Down position.

We have since expanded the initial build “to share the love”. I knew I couldn’t be without mine and Manfred has seen the interest that it has generated while I’ve been on the road (we’re Snowbirds travelling in an RV). He said “why not” and he’s now been producing and shipping since we returned to Canada in April of 2018. As an aside – he machines most of the major parts, except for 2 rails that the blade and the table glides on, which are the most expensive pieces that can not be made inhouse and therefore are a purchased item. The PRO is hand built by Manfred and fully tested. The blade is sourced from Canada.


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